REPORT: Hundreds of TSA employees, including air marshals, to deploy to border


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is prepared to send hundreds of officials to the U.S. southern border to assist with the increase in migrant inflows according to an e-mail obtained by CNN.

The TSA workers, which will include air marshals and security operations, will be tasked with temporarily assisting with immigration duties. The e-mail also acknowledges there is “some risk” of depleted resources in aviation and other transportation security. 

While the e-mail emphasizes that no TSA employee assigned to airport security checkpoints will be sent to the border, it does indicate that up to 175 law enforcement officials and as many as “400 people from Security Ops” will be deployed. 

“There is now immediate need for more help from TSA at the SW border,” a senior TSA official, Gary Renfrow, wrote in the email to agency regional management. “TSA has committed to support with 400 people from Security Ops” who will be deployed in waves “similar to support for past hurricanes.”

The assignment comes in response to record numbers of migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador continue to flood the southern border, overwhelming Customs and Border Protections. 

The deployment will come from six unnamed U.S. cities, according to the e-mail. It would potentially result in a decrease of about 8 percent of federal air marshal operations and a 20 percent decrease in VIPR patrol operations, which consist of TSA officers and local law enforcement who are stationed at airports, train stations and transportation hubs nationwide. 

The deployments are expected to last between 45 and 60 days, although it “could be longer” according to the e-mail obtained by CNN. 

No word on when the deployment is expected to begin or how many TSA law enforcement personnel El Paso could recieve. 

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