Lawyers claim Guatemalan girl, her father were not given water


The attorneys for the family of Jakelin Caal, the 7-year-old Guatemalan girl who died while in Border Patrol custody, are calling for an independent investigation of her death. 

At this time the attorneys say there are more questions than answers regarding Jakelin Caal’s death and the actions taken by Border Patrol.

They’re demanding that DHS conduct an in-depth investigation but also allow for an independent investigation in the area of medical care for detained minors.

As we’ve reported Jakelin and her father crossed the border earlier this month at the Antelope Wells Port of Entry in New Mexico. At some point between the time they were detained and the time they were transport to Lordsburg, Jakelin became ill.

The attorneys say Jackelin’s father claims they were not given any water during this time and were essentially just given some cookies.

DHS officials maintain they were given access to food and water. When addressing reports where DHS officials have said that the father and daughter walked for days without access to food and water, the attorneys say that is not true.

“They left Guatemala, he and his daughter themselves they traveled through Mexico by bus,” said his attorney Christopher Benoit. “They did not walk and they arrived at the border by bus with the wall in sight.”

It’s been reported that Jakelin died of sepsis shock but at this time no official autopsy results have been released. In fact her death certificate still says the cause of death is pending. 

Jakelin’s body was at a local funeral home where her father was able to spend some time with her.

We have since confirmed she’s been taken to Laredo. From there she will be transported to Guatemala. Her father will remain in El Paso awaiting his asylum proceedings.

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