Congresswoman-elect Veronica Escobar addresses border standards


A day after DHS Secretary Nielsen’s Borderland visit, Congresswoman-elect Veronica Escobar addressed the current border patrol detention standards. 

She was joined by Representative Sheila Jackson Lee from Houston along with Annunciation House Director Ruben Garcia.

Jackson Lee said she flew into the Borderland to see the conditions with her own eyes.

“I want to see assistance in staffing of Border Patrol to the extent that the numbers that they need they have,” she said. “I believe in technology, in new technology.”

Escobar said government leaders, including Nielsen, need to be made aware of the situations happening at the border from those who are directly affected.

“I don’t think she came and toured the community facilities or spoke to any community stakeholders. I think she spoke to a very small group of folks. You’re not gonna get to a solution when you claim to have this singular answer which is a wall,” Escobar told KTSM.

With the recent unscheduled migrant drop-offs, Escobar said ICE’s plans to shorten the time in small holding cells comes with a fear.

“There is a risk and fear by any of us that we will see what happened on Christmas Eve happen again which is that families will be dumped on the streets.”

Escobar confirmed with KTSM that her request to meet with DHS Secretary Nielsen on Friday was denied.

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