City of El Paso approves funding for migrant coordinator position

The City of El Paso held a special meeting Monday morning and voted to approve funding for a volunteer coordinator position to help with the overflow of migrants.
The Mayor reminds the public that the hundreds of migrants passing through El Paso are processed and only temporarily stay in town from 24 to 96 hours tops.
I’m tired of El Paso taking it on the chin for the lack of action by our federal representatives on both sides of the aisle, Mayor Dee Margo shared, The root cause is Washington D.C. and we’re dealing with the bi-products of their failure and inaction and lack of intestinal fortitude on both sides of the aisle and deal with something that should’ve been dealt with years ago.
City representatives approved to take part in the Office of Emergency Management’s action plan to coordinate and assist with transportation for the migrants. They will also be contributing $20,000 to fund the migrant volunteer coordinator position KTSM has previously reported about. The position is to be created alongside the United Way and the County of El Paso. 
However, Mayor Margo said the City will be working to get that money paid back from the federal government, We’re going to determine what our costs are and request reimbursement.
Ruben Garcia with Annunciation House, the non-profit currently helping the migrants, said ICE has already let him know the number of migrants to be released could increase to about 4,000 per week. He hopes for more structure to come along in the future, It would be very helpful if the city could arrange for its sun metro system to include routes where refugee families could be picked up at the different sites and then transported to the bus stations or to the airport. That would be immensely, immensely helpful.
As for now, the City will still not be opening any facility to house migrants. City council will be circling back to brief on this issue once again on April 29th.

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