Annunciation House struggles with Border Patrol migrant releases


As the number of migrants released continues to climb, one local group helping care for them says the U.S. Border Patrol needs to step up its game.

Ruben Garcia, the Director of the Annunciation House, said in a news conference on Monday that Border Patrol is now releasing more migrant families, but doesn’t have the capabilities to efficiently transport them.

Garcia said the spike in numbers is taxing the system, with up to 4,500 refugees released to his network per week.

Now, Border Patrol is releasing migrants, as well as ICE.

Garcia explains Border Patrol doesn’t have the transportation assistance that ICE does in order to transfer migrants efficiently. 

“When Border Patrol informed me that they do not have the transportation capability to transport families outside of El Paso, that’s very concerning to me because of the numbers get very, very high on the Border Patrol stream of releases. They’re all going to be basically restricted to El Paso.”

The Annunciation House collaborates with more than 20 groups in its network to receive migrants.

Garcia says the organization reaches out to churches in Las Cruces and Albuquerque, and eventually wants to reach as far as Dallas and Denver once it runs out of space.

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