EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — If your favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and you’re a fan of beer, then Budweiser has the items just for you.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the beer company has launched two new products to celebrate the Turkey-eating day.

First, Budweiser is putting a twist on a Thanksgiving staple by launching the first-ever Bud Can Turkey stand, giving consumers a new way to cook their turkey and pack it with Budweiser flavor. Simply place an open Budweiser Tall Boy 25-ounce can in the center of the stand, set the turkey on top and place the stand in a grill.

The limited-edition Bud Can Turkey stand comes with detailed cooking instructions. It is available at ShopBeerGear.com for $26.  

In addition, the King of Beer is releasing King of Leftovers plastic ware, which comes with a lock to keep fridge raiders away and is free with the purchase of a case of Budweiser. The plastic ware even has a compartment specifically made to hold a Budweiser to enjoy with your Thanksgiving leftovers. 

It is also available at ShopBeerGear.com for $20.

Just to make the deal sweeter, if buying both items, consumers can get the King of Leftovers plastic ware half-off when using code ‘THANKFUL’ at checkout.

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