Vets warn dog owners that paws can burn on sidewalks and gravel

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Taking your dog out for a stroll can cause some painful damage.

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – This Wednesday could be the hottest day of the year so far, and veterinarians are reminding you not to walk your dogs during these hot temperatures.

It may seem like a normal and harmless thing to do walk your dog, however, when temperatures rise, taking your dog out for a stroll can cause some painful damage.

Dr. Orlando Garza, a veterinarian and owner of East El Paso Animal Hospital, said hot sidewalks or gravel can cause blisters and even cause the protective layer on a dog’s paws to peel off.

If the protective layer does burn off, it can be very painful and take time to recover for your pet.

“People don’t realize and don’t understand how hot the pavement can really get. And so they take their dogs out there and they figure if I can walk on it they can do. But they don’t realize that they have rubber souls. And even though the pad does provide some protection, it’s still exposed tissue that is very prone to getting burnt,” said Dr. Garza.

Local dog walker Charlie Moreno with Tails to Go recommends if you feel you need to take your dog out for a bathroom break, take a spray bottle with you and take a break in the shade every minute or so.

“Stop under the shaded trees, so you can stop every minute or so. let the dog cool down. Also a damp handkerchief or wiping them down with it every couple of minutes,” said Moreno.

You can also buy booties for your dog’s paws or use baby socks with grip on the bottom tied to your dog’s feet with a scrunchie.

It’s also recommended that if you hire a dog walker, make sure they are taking the correct steps to protect your pet, too.

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