Pandemic pollution dip benefits asthma sufferers


Portland State University research ties lower air pollution levels since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to fewer asthma-related problems.

(KGW) — Since the pandemic is still forcing many people to stay inside and work from home, there are a lot fewer cars on the road. Back in April, researchers at Portland State University saw air pollutants dropped drastically.

They’ve tracked them over the months and found that those pollution levels have risen but not nearly as high as they normally would be.

“It’s a story about transportation in large part,” says Dr. Vivek Shandas, an environmental scientist at PSU who is leading the research.

When the shelter-at-home order went onto effect last March, Shandas tracked a dramatic reduction in nitrogen dioxide.

Since that time, levels of nitrogen dioxide have crept back up, but they’re still way below what they were this time last year.

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