Best viewer photos of 2018


El Paso wakes up to frozen fountains on January 17th by Alberto Ortiz.

March 28th sunrise, photo by Joe Lopez. 

A look at the mackrel sky on March 17th, by Alberto Ortiz. 

A majestic sunrise on March 24th by Lisa Miller. 

Spring sunrise on April 2nd by Diego Sanchez. 

Calm weather in El Paso on April 30th, so beautiful its almost unreal. Photo by Miguel Vigil.

Glow from the sun in El Paso on Valentine's Day, by Miguel Vigil. 

Storm covers Top Golf with hail in west El Paso on May 21st, photo by Sam Horstman. 

A land spout on June 27th by Luis Galvan. 

(Monica Cortez)

El Paso park sunrise on June 28th by Joe Lopez. 

Reported dust storm on June 3rd by Krista Gray. 

Summer storm in El Paso on July 30th by John Baca.

Lightning storm captured at night in El Paso on August 19th. Photo by Stephen Flores.

Over the rainbow! Photo taken on September 20th by Valerie De La Torre. 

X marks the spot. Storm moving through the borderland on September 30th, photo by Alberto Ortiz.

 After the hail storm in Horizon on September 30th, photo by Luz Torrez.

Welcome to Texas! Dust storm reducing visibility in El Paso on November 30th. Picture by Juan Gutierrez.

El Paso saw up to 2" of snow across parts of the Sun City. Snowman spotted near UTEP by Fernie Ortiz on December 29th. 

Las Cruces snow in the Organ Mountains by Ben Gonzalez (December 26, 2018)