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NEW YORK (AP) — Upcoming fiction from John Irving, Yiyun Li and Elizabeth McCracken will be among 59 works excerpted in a free e-book compilation released by the industry newsletter Publishers Lunch.

“Buzz Books 2022: Fall/Winter” was available for download Tuesday on, Barnes & and other online sites.

LI’s novel “The Book of Goose” comes out in September. Irving’s “The Chairlift” and McCracken’s “The Hero of This Book” are due in October. “Buzz Books” also includes fiction from A.M. Homes, Kevin Wilson and Alice Feeney and nonfiction from Thomas Ricks, Rachel Aviv and Iliana Regan. Young adult works include a fantasy novel by actor Omar Epps (with co-author Clarence A. Haynes), along with releases by Kate Armstrong and Krystal Marquis.