El Chuco Inspirations: Rising musicians ‘Coco Butter’ bring psychedelic disco to local music scene


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Psychedelic disco. It’s a genre that catches the attention of many and is one that’s being developed in a vibrant way by two rising local musicians who go by the name of Coco Butter.

“I’ve never really jammed with another drummer before. He’s always been the guy since I was, like, 12,” said singer/guitarist Ben Bautista.

Two longtime friends and one passion for making music.

“It’s just been us two ever since. So we started Coco Butter a couple of years back and so far it is what it is now. Psychedelic disco,” Bautista shared.

Local musicians Bautista and Jason Lespron have been following their own beat by being musically diverse for the majority of their lives. Lately, they’ve been in the studio recording unique jams they describe as a “nostalgic sound with a modern twist” and have been receiving more exposure within the community.

“It got to the point where someone did an article on us on El Paso Times,” said drummer/singer Jason Lespron, “I feel like that’s so far the coolest thing we’ve accomplished is getting recognition from our city and getting attention from our city. Getting attention from people and showing them what we’ve been working on this whole time. We’ve been so passionate about it and itching to show everybody. I guess this is our time to start revealing it.”

The duo records their music at El Paso’s Star City Studio Productions and say their producer — known as Enoch Gordon — has been a great influence in helping them tune in on each note as they build their sound.

“We met Enoch, our producer, and he just made us feel like this is home. It’s a second home,” Bautista shared. “He made us feel like a million bucks right from the start, before he even helped us finish producing the rest of our stuff. He’s always made us feel welcome and helped us develop our sound. We love it here and we love the people that have taken us in with open arms and stuff like that.”

While being involved with music most of their lives, both musicians are letting others know you can do whatever you set your mind to if you believe in yourself, just like they did.

“If you have this dream in your mind, then why are you going to let things or let all this noise make you think that you can’t do it? Just go for it,” Lespron said.

“Stop criticizing yourself so much. Let yourself just create. You’re going to put things out that you don’t like, or things that you think are bad, maybe that you’re self-conscious about. But the whole point is that if you want to get better, you have to practice at doing that,” Bautista added.

The local musicians say they’re striving to keep getting better, but also, never forget how they started, the strong support along the way nor taking that for granted.

“I know that not everyone has an easy route when they want to play music. For us, we’ve always had that support. They never questioned us or anything, so that’s cool. They let us jam in the garage until midnight, so they were super supportive, and they still are. So a huge thanks to our family,” Lespron shared.

Coco Butter said they will continue releasing songs from their album throughout the rest of the year.

You can check out their music on Spofity, Apple Music and also check out their Instagram page at @cocobutter_music.

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