El Paso, TX (KTSM) — Residents in East, Far East and the Lower Valley will vote between former El Paso City Representative Claudia Ordaz-Perez and political newcomer Elisa Tamayo for State Representative of District 76.

Both Democratic candidates are the only ones in the race for the State Rep. seat.

The race has been heated, as KTSM previously reported, last month Ordaz-Perez accused Tamayo of orchestrating ethics complaints against her over campaign funds. Tamayo stating Ordaz-Perez needs to held accountable.

Ordaz-Perez explained that she believes communication is key in this election.

“It’s just really ensuring that we continue that open line of communication, I leave my cell phone with everyone and I think that’s important so people can call me and text me,” said Ordaz-Perez.

Tamayo told KTSM her journey campaigning has been exciting.

“It’s been a really exciting campaign a really exciting journey we have been able to gather a lot of support form everyday people, everyday El Pasoans,” said Tamayo.

In separate interviews, both candidates expressed strong beliefs of improvement in the education system.

Ordaz-Perez explained less focus needs to go to state testing and more to college readiness.

“The teachers spend so much precious time away from teaching just focused on how you’re going to pass this test and when I got to college I wasn’t ready, I had to take a lot of remedial courses and a lot of El Pasoans end up doing that because they’re not college or career ready,” said Ordaz-Perez.

Tamayo expressed her concern is the number of state funds that need to go into El Paso schools.

“We need to make better investments in public schools and bigger and bolder investments because we’re not getting our fair share from the state so we need to make sure that we get that fair share so we’re not passing that tax burden on to our local taxpayers,” Tamayo told KTSM.

Polls open Tuesday morning at 7 am and close at 7 pm.