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Senate debate

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Democrat Martin Heinrich has served two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives before being elected in 2012 as a United States Senator. Prior to that, he was an Albuquerque City Councilor. 

Republican Mick Rich is a contractor and has an engineering degree from Oregon State. He is also a member of the state Labor and Industrial Commission. 

Libertarian Gary Johnson served two terms as the governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003. He was also the Libertarian nominee during the 2016 presidential election. 

Rules for the debate

  • Candidate Interaction Format:
    • There are no Opening Statements!
    • Our format gives candidates the chance to delve deeper into topics and questions about the race. This helps steer away from canned responses.
    • The moderator will start the initial topic, candidates will be able to interact about ideas, stances, agenda between each other with the moderator monitoring the conversation.
    • The moderator will watch and interject when things either slow down or need to be pressed for an answer. There is no time limit on answers but if someone is filibustering, the moderator will interject.
    • Moderator will not go to a new topic until everyone is satisfied with the current topic
    • There will be a coin flip to see who answers the first question.
    • Candidates will be able to ask each other questions
    • The moderator can push for answers if candidates are not answering questions.
  • Closing Statements:
    • Each candidate will get 1:30 for closing statement.
    • There will be a coin and the winning candidate will then have the option of going first or second for closing statements.
  • Rules:
    • Candidates will not be allowed to take notebooks, briefs or other materials with them.
    • Each place will be furnished with a blank notebook and pen for note-taking during the debate.

This will be KRQE News 13’s second debate for the November elections. 

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