Rep. Annello upset over proposed border resolution outcome

Elections 2018

One El Paso City Council representative is calling out her colleagues for not standing up to President Trump’s threat to deploy the military and close the border if Mexico does not stop a migrant caravan headed from Honduras to the U.S.

Rep. Alexsandra Annello said she was disappointed after a resolution against the construction of the border wall in El Paso — which she had put forth to council — was shut down. 

“We are the front lines of the border and it is pretty disappointing that our city council would not stand up to the dehumanization of our community,” said Annello. 

Although a resolution is only symbolic, Annello said there are ordinances and laws the State can pass to support immigrant communities. 

“At the council meeting, several council members had said they had issues with the wording,” said Annello. “They wanted things taken out, but the reality is we had two weeks and not a single person had called me.” 

A similar resolution had recently been approved by the County Commissioners in El Paso. It supported groups which would be impacted by the construction, such as the Border Network for Human Rights and its “Hugs Not Walls” event.

“Unfortunately, with the deletion of this resolution, Trump can say things like he is going to close the border and the council won’t even blink an eye dispute the immense economic negative impact it will have on this community,” said Annello. 

In a series of tweets, President Trump also threatened to withhold aid to the region. 

Annello said council was divided on the resolution and the tie breaking vote against it came from Mayor Dee Margo. KTSM reached out to the mayor for comment on the vote, but has yet to hear back. 

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