Clothing with political ties not allowed at polls, elections department reminds

Elections 2018

When it comes to the polls, many voters endured long waits in line. But the first day of early voting became even more stressful for one El Pasoan who was held up by a rule he didn’t even know about.

“I was taken away my constructional right…the right to freedom of expression and speech, and just because it’s a voting area it doesn’t mean that I don’t have my constitutional rights in that area,” Chris McMillan told KTSM.

McMillan went to cast his early vote on Monday, but when he got there, his clothing choice almost stopped that from happening.

“I got up front and i was told by a lady in there that I had to remove my Trump hat and cover up my Trump shirt,” McMillan told KTSM. 

According to the El Paso County Elections Department, wearing anything with political ties or symbols less than 100 feet from the ballots can be against the law.

“Section 61 of the Texas Election Code talks no emblem or anything to do with any campaign political party or candidate, future or past, who has been on the ballot,” officials said.

McMillan says he understands the rule, but only to a certain extent.

“I understand for Ted Cruz or Beto O’Rourke, that’s fine because they’re on the ballot, but President Trump isn’t on the ballot this year,” he said.

Those who arrive to vote wearing anything political will be asked to turn their shirts inside out or to put on a jacket. Sheriff’s deputies can also be called for those who don’t comply.

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