Both sides coming together to discuss cross border transportation issues


With long wait times at the border still continuing, TxDOT is meeting to see what they can do to help the flow of traffic on the American side.

People from both sides of the border will be meeting to discuss the cross border challenges of moving people and goods across the border. TxDOT officials said they cannot improve the long wait times at the border but they can improve roadways surrounding the ports of entry to help the flow of traffic. 

“Our bridges tend to spill into urban areas so it’s different so we have unique challenges moving about a third of the international freight the passes through Texas and Mexico happens in El Paso,” said Jennifer Wright a TxDOT spokeswoman. 

This plan is called the Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Master Plan.

TxDOT wants to hear from people who live near border crossings about how they can improve the flow of traffic. They also want to hear from students who cross every day for school and have ideas on how traffic can be improved. Freight crossings is another issues in the communities due to traffic having to idle for long periods of time causing air pollutions.

“Cargo needs to be checked, people need to be checked, we need to maintain safety and security for our country. But what can TxDOT do to help receive that traffic on the U.S. side of the border,” said Wright.

The meeting will be held Monday, April 29 from 6-7 p.m. at the El Paso Community Foundation Room at 333 N Oregon. 

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