FBI Child App helps authorities find missing people faster

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The idea of a family member going missing scares many people. That’s why the FBI wants you to know there is a free app to help in the search if someone you love disappears.

With kids in the El Paso area getting ready to head back to school, the FBI Child App can help keep parents’ minds at ease.

The app allows you to store important information about any family member in case they were to go missing so it can easily be sent to the authorities.

The app allows you to upload up to 10 pictures along with physical identifiers like height, weight, and eye color, along with your address and phone number.

“The first 48 hours that’s the most critical time for a child to be relocated or to be found. The app has a feature that you click on that gives you sort of a checklist of what to do,” said Daniel Ramos Assistant Special Agent in charge at the El Paso FBI Burau. “First thing you need to do is call 911 and it just goes through all the steps.”

Over the past three months, the app has gained the following users:

  • 5,070 total installs
  • 1,007 Max unique daily users

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Missing Persons Clearing House received over 50,000 missing person reports in 2018 with more than 40 of those being juveniles. This includes cases in El Paso.

“When we have everything at our fingertips having your child’s information in your hands would make it so much faster, more complete and more accurate to give to law enforcement,” said Ramos.

However, the app is not only for children — you can also upload information about a person of any age.

FBI officials say it can be important in silver alert cases, which are issued when an elderly person goes missing.

The app is free to download and any information you give will not be sent to the authorities until you want it to be.

To download, click HERE.

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