EL PASO, Texas (KTSM)- El Paso residents and the City attorney commenting on the recent assault charge against City Rep. Dr. Sam Morgan.

As KTSM previously reported, Morgan was arrested on domestic violence charges as investigators said he allegedly assaulted his wife at a home on Loma Casitas in North Hills, in Northeast El Paso.

District 4 covers Northeast El Paso and those who live there said public officials deserve due process like anyone else, however are held to certain standards as community leaders.

“I feel like this is a huge error on his part because he is a public figure and we, the public and the community instill trust in him,” Jose Ibarra said.

Meanwhile others did not have any issues with the City Rep. staying in office as the investigations continue.

“I believe he should just go back into office and finish doing his job and try to help the community,” Jermaine Cain said.

As KTSM reported, Morgan’s legislative aid released a statement saying:

At this time, due to the ongoing investigation and on advice of legal counsel, Dr. Morgan cannot address the details of these charges. Dr. Morgan is fully cooperating with law enforcement and will comply with all pre-trial court orders in keeping with due process of law. Dr. Morgan wishes the public to know that these accusations will in no way interfere with his duties and responsibilities to his constituents in District 4.

Leonard Morales

City Attorney Karla Nieman responded to requests on whether the City is taking any action regarding the allegations or planning to instill any policies, her response:

The case with Rep. Dr. Sam Morgan is currently being investigated by law enforcement.  Dr. Morgan must be afforded due process and the City will not speculate on any possible or future actions prior to the completion of law enforcement’s investigation.

Karla Nieman, City Attorney

According to current City Ordinances, under Article II, Section 2.1,

Any elected City official shall be subject to removal from office if that official is convicted of any felony, or of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.

Morgan’s charge is considered a misdemeanor, however he is not convicted of that charge.

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