EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – People from around the world travel to Hueco Tanks State Park to admire artifacts, learn about the history, and star gaze, but it’s rock climbing that’s the most sought after attraction at the park.

“It’s one of the best rock climbing areas on the planet,” says Tyron Foose, an avid climber who has been climbing around the world for decades.

It’s the geology of the boulders and cliffs at Hueco Tanks that captured his ambition.

“People come with high expectations and usually when they come here it’s even beyond those expectations,” said Foose. “There are things that are at every level from beginner to absolute best in the world.”

After doing some climbing you can find some pictographs underneath the rock. Some with faces on them were drawn by the first known settlers.

“Jornada Mogollon were here from about year 400 to about 1400,” said Nature Interpreter Nicole Roque.

The group carved out holes to grind corn and beans. Pottery pieces are still scattered in caves.

Before the Jornada Mogollon, people had been passing through for more than 10 thousand years. It’s a place in the middle of the desert where water gathers within the boulders.

“The geology creates these holes in the rock which create huecos, the Spanish word for hollow, which is why it’s called Hueco Tanks,” said Roque.

Now, it’s camping and exploring that families who pass though can enjoy.

“It’s so unique and so beautiful and magical out here, that I think everybody walks away with a really magical experience,” said Foose.

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