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If you’re a sucker for succulents, well this trip is for you because just outside of the City of San Angelo is Cactus Town.

This town is run by its creator, who of course goes by, “Cactus Mike”

He first got the idea for Cactus Town about 15 years ago, then officially opened it in 2012.  He says it’s still a work in progress and he’s in the process of building a stage for performers, a series of buildings that will take you back to the Wild West, a wedding venue, a bed and breakfast, and an RV park.  

You may be saying, ‘that’s a lot,’ but Cactus Mike says it’s only the beginning for his visitors from across the globe.

“It’s just amazing to see all of the people that come here from all over the state, all over the world this year. We’ve had Brazilian visitors, Vietnamese visitors, people coming from six hours, eight-hour drives to spend a couple of hours here to buy plants and rocks and antiques. So that is what I dreamed of,” Cactus Mike said.

For Cactus Mike, Cactus Town is more than just plants, rocks, and antiques. It’s a place for curiosity and creativity.

“One of the biggest things is to let their wonders fly. Let their imagination go, because we’re supposed to dream and we’re supposed to create and so if somebody can get a spark of inspiration from what they see here. That’s really what I like for them to take away,” Cactus Mike said.

If all that inspiration makes you hungry, head down the road eight miles to Miles, Texas. A quaint, small town with a population of less than 1,000.

Frozen in Time is an antique store, pizza parlor, and frozen yogurt shop all in one. You can build your own pizza or select options from their menu.

Frozen In Time was opened by Philip and Lisa Ward on April 10, 2016. The Wards say that Lisa always wanted an antique shop (she’s even refurbished a few pieces in the shop herself) and Philip decided to add something else to attract visitors. He decided on frozen yogurt and ice cream. The name Frozen In Time reflects both the cold treats (Frozen) and the antiques (Time.)

But then the pair made another decision just before opening.

“It wasn’t until we were close to opening we decided to try the pizza,” the Wards said.

The Wards say they simply wanted a place that would benefit the citizens of Miles. The goal was to create an atmosphere that was family-friendly and would help those families create memories through conversation. They also wanted their products and services to be affordable.

“We tell people who have never been here that they simply need to come try it.  The pizza is awesome, the cheesy bread is heavenly and the atmosphere is pretty cool, too. The frozen yogurt, ice cream, Italian ice is just an added benefit at the end. We have great prices on our antiques, too. We hope that people who come to Frozen in Time get to experience great customer service, friendly home town people, great food, and enjoy a step back in time,” the Wards said.

*All photos taken by Senora Scott.

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