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If you’re looking for somewhere to take your family around Houston, head on over to the Lone Star Flight Museum.

“Whatever aspect of aviation you may be interested in, or history, or education, there’s something for everyone here,” says chief operating officer, Chris Richardson.

Right now the museum stays pretty grounded, but they know the biggest aviation buffs understand the significance of the history inside the museum.

Describing a plane on display, Chris says, “the airplane I’m standing in front of, only four of them in the world still fly. So it’s really a unique collection of very rare airplanes from both the civilian and military side.”

You’ll find planes dating all the way back to World War II as you walk around. In fact, the entire exhibit takes you on a historic tour unlike any other. One of the best parts is that the planes still fly.

From learning about every aspect of aviation, to flying a simulator, or even joining the flight academy, the museum has a lot to offer.

Chris even has a promise for you if you decided to visit, “I want you to tell your friends, come on down and experience it. I promise you’ll be back.”

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