What do you think is the most pressing issue El Paso is facing right now? How do you plan to mitigate? 

I think the most pressing issue El Paso is facing right now is the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is affecting the opening of schools and businesses. Also the effects of our income and the historical impact it has daily on not only us, but throughout our nation and world as we all share in this. 

How do I plan to mitigate it, I plan on allowing less restrictions and allow the schools and business to open or remain open as long as they follow the proper health procedures in place to help to control the outbreaks of new cases, but at the same time help our economy. 

Under what conditions would you impose a COVID-19 related shut down of the city?     

I would impose a COVID-19 shut down of the city under the conditions of me being advised that immediate spikes were found in areas throughout the city or in one place. I’d move in an Emergency Plan and go into action calling in medical staff, firemen and city police for measure shut down anticipating a Quarantine Area Emergency. 

How would you have responded to the killing of George Floyd if you were the mayor of Minneapolis? How will you improve community relations with law enforcement? 

If I were mayor of Minneapolis, I would have responded to the killing of George Floyd by putting the city police officers in complete isolation and have had an immediate emergency meeting with the Police Chief and the D.A conducted. Advise the media of the temporary suspension of the officers until an emergency court case was filed with the State Courts.  Later have them transferred to another location until the date of the trial and have the venue of the trial in another undisclosed location in another city of the state.  Media would be advised 24 hours of release by the State Attorney office. 

As to how I would improve the community relations with the law enforcement, I would ask for and invite media stars. Wrestlers, pro basketball players, etc who are from El Paso and know El Paso to come and support our community along with youth groups who support our fine community to hold a special event paid by the city and free to the public as a public service event promoting the police and law enforcement and teaching our citizens the importance of peaceful protest and turning away possible rioters.  Let the citizens know we understand their concerns and for justice to be done, it needs to be done in a lawful, peaceful matter.  Have a handful of police officers join in with the invites asking the city for patience while we wait for the outcome of the courts and deliverances of sentencing.  Except where the whereabouts if found guilty of those police sentences and or location. 

The anniversary of August 3rd recently passed, how are you planning to protect the city from race-related violence? 

Because of the August 3rd event and the effects it has had on the victims’ families and the El Paso community, I would offer classes free or minimal charge to our community on how to recognize and prevent any kind of event like this again.  I would hold fundraisers such as dances, picnics in honor of the victims and have the funds donated to these classes and honor the victims during these events.  Our community always needs to be taught how to be watchful of the actions and things going on around them.  We need to teach our community on ways to be aware of suspicious actions of a person or group and the signs they hold of the actions about to take place. I believe that we all need to look past the race issue and look at each other as brothers and sisters as we all call this city our home.  We need to treat each other with the respect and dignity we each would want to be treated with.  Violence of any kind whether racial or not should not be tolerated and should be punishable by the full extent of the law. We need to share our own experience and how they affected us and how it is affecting us all. We need to share our condolences and open our hearts to this horrifying tragic event.  Having a moment of silent prayer for all victims and all who were affected by this event. We should all be considered victims of this horrible event as we all are family in this great city.  No Race, no Color, just one family…. El Pasoans 

What will your strategies be to combat the flu and COVID-19? How will you work with school districts to protect students, faculty, and staff? 

 My strategies to combat the flu and COVID-19 would be to have all entrances to schools, city offices and businesses take temperatures on the wrist of their students, employees and customers coming into the site. Ensure all are wearing masks, if they do not have masks, then provide them with a disposable one and if the mask is removed within the facility, they would be escorted out.  If a person is showing any signs of coughing, sneezing or other symptoms, they would be checked for any signs of fever or other flu like symptoms and sent home or not allowed to enter the business.  These would not be able to return to school or work without the clearance from a medical doctor or facility. 

How will you work to invigorate the local economy that has taken a hit amid the pandemic? 

To invigorate the local economy that has hit our fine city by this pandemic, I would encourage our citizens to participate safely in boosting our local economy by going out to support our local business, fight to help get our city the economic assistance such as the stimulus checks, reach out to get more businesses to invest in our city with jobs for those affected by this pandemic.  Look for means available to our city by the local, state and national assistance available to us. 

What makes you the best candidate? Why? 

I feel I would be the best candidate for Mayor of our city because I am part of this city.  I have lived in this city for most of my life.  I have served in the Army as an Airborne Ranger with the 101st Division.  I see the way people and our veterans are treated.  I am a people person and speak to all I meet in the streets about what it is that concerns them regarding our city and how to make this a city that is for the citizens of our fine city and not just what is good for me.  I listen to the voters and citizens.  I would treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve and would not look down on them as I have seen and experienced as a citizen. I would make sure there is a S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedures) in place and all concerns expressed by the citizen to my office would be taken seriously.  All would be treated equal as our constitution states.  And that is why I feel I AM the best candidate.