Your stolen property may be in a pawn shop. Here is what Las Cruces Police do to find it.


“Not again,” Kat Lacy said.

That was the first thought that ran through Lacy’s mind when she found out her Las Cruces shop, Better Life Pet Foods, had once again been hit by thieves. 

This time, though, surveillance cameras captured a man getting into a white van with her tools before taking off. 

Las Cruces Police say tools are actually common targets for crooks. 

“We’re constantly trying to remind people if you carry tools with you,” said LCPD spokesman Dan Trujillo. “If you have anything in the back of your pickup that could be stolen, remove it or leave it at home.”

One of Lacy’s customers said she, too, has been the victim of property theft. 

“I’ve been a victim of this type of crime before, where I left something out in my yard and it disappeared the next day,” said Simone Adams. “So this just makes me more mindful to make sure that I have all of my valuables inside the house.”

Police say not everything that gets stolen stays lost forever, especially if they’re pawned.

“Any item of value that is sold to a pawn shop, that item has a serial number or a description, has to be entered in the database and that database is checked with stolen goods,” Trujillo said.

Police said just make sure you stay vigilant when it comes to your property and make sure you keep things locked up when possible.

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