UPDATE: One deputy is in critical condition following a deputy-involved shooting in San Elizario

We are now learning from El Paso County Sheriff Officials that it started as a traffic stop around 2 a.m. near the 1000 block of Chicken Ranch Road. 

According to officials, a man and a woman were inside the vehicle. 

El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles tells us when the deputy involved told them to get out of the vehicle, they immediately opened fire, shooting the deputy multiple times, including once in the head. 

Wiles says that the bullet missed the deputy’s brain. 

According to Authorities, the suspect threw their weapons and took off running.

They say those two individuals hid in a shed down the street but were arrested shortly after. 

El Paso County Sheriff Officials have not identified the deputy shot, nor those involved. 

They say they will have the area closed off as their investigation continues.

El Paso County Sheriff deputies are investigating following an officer-involved shooting Friday morning. 

This happened near the 1000 block of Chicken Ranch Road, near Socorro Road. 

Deputies have not told us what time the shooting happened. 

One viewer did reach out to us around 3 a.m. saying they saw some activity in the area. 

If you can, you should avoid the area as deputies have it blocked off.