MONROE, LA. (KTVE/KARD) — Renzo Smith was a son, father and veteran; Smith was also a native of Monroe, La and his family says he was more than what people are seeing from the headlines.

He is more than a victim; he is someone who mattered.

Rennada Smith, sister of Renzo Smith; aunt of Shawn Jackson

What started off as a momentous occasion ended as a tragedy for the Smith and Jackson family. Renzo Smith along with his son Shawn Jackson were shot and killed shortly after Shawn’s graduation ceremony on Tuesday June 6,2023.

I don’t want anyone to feel what I am feeling right now. He came back here and lost his life…I’m hurt.

Rennada Smith, sister of Renzo Smith; aunt of Shawn Jackson

Smith served in the United States Military; he lived his life protecting and serving the nation. Even in the last moments of his life, he tried his best to save his son.

My son was not a quitter. Even that day when I talked to him, his goal was to get to that graduation, have cake, celebrate with his kids and celebrate Shawn’s graduation. He died protecting his son. It hurts because this is the United States of America and when you go out and fight for other people’s protection and security and you come home, and you don’t have that.

Grenda Smith, Mother of Renzo Smith; grandmother of Shawn Jackson

Grenda Smith is asking veterans and the world to help and give her son, Renzo Jackson the honor he deserves.