El Paso man told wife, police he was kidnapped to cover for night of drinking

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An El Paso man allegedly lied to his wife and said he was kidnapped in Juarez and being held against his will in order to cover up for a night of binge drinking and drug use, police said.

He eventually came clean once he met with officers at one of the international bridges, the El Paso Police Department said in a news release.

Jorge Parra, 39, called his wife on Sunday and said he had been kidnapped. His wife went to police headquarters to report the incident. 

Detectives were able to talk to Parra while he was in Juarez after he claimed he was released by his captors. 

Police said Parra told detectives that he was “kidnapped, forced to withdraw money from an ATM, and attempting to leave video evidence for investigators by driving with his unwitting assailants to locations with surveillance cameras.”

On Monday morning, Parra was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and police responded to the bridge, the release said.

Parra then recanted his story and admitted to making it up, the release said. 

He was then arrested by El Paso County Sheriff’s Office deputies on Wednesday on a False Report to a Peace Officer warrant and booked into the El Paso County Jail Facility on a $2,000 bond. 

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