Dona Ana man tried to set mother on fire


A Doña Ana County man was arrested Monday after he allegedly doused his mother in kerosene and attempted to set her on fire. 

The incident happened at approximately 3 p.m. in the 9100 block of Corona. 

According to court documents filed by Doña Ana County Sheriff’s detectives, Johnny Jimenez, 27, became upset with this mother after she “looked at him like he was stupid.” 

The victim – who is wheelchair-bound – told detectives that her son got mad after she asked him for help cooking dinner to celebrate her 63rd birthday, which was Monday. The victim said her son allegedly slammed her head into the washing machine, causing her to fall out of her wheelchair. He allegedly then poured kerosene on his mother and attempted several times to ignite the fluid using a lighter which apparently failed. 

The victim said she was left incapacitated in the floor for several hours without her cellphone, which she said her son had taken from her. 

The victim’s daughter reportedly stopped by her mother’s house to give her a birthday card and found her mother. She confronted her brother and then called 911. 

Detectives arrested Jimenez and charged him with one felony count of attempted aggravated battery against a household member with a deadly weapon and interference with communication. He is being held without bond at the Doña Ana County Detention Center.            

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