BarFly shooting trial: Detectives review surveillance video in day two of testimony


Testimony for day two of the trial against Moises Galvan in the shooting death of R.J. Franco outside an East El Paso bar in 2017 focused on surveillance video from a neighboring grocery store.

An El Paso Detective who reviewed the surveillance footage from the nearby Papas Frutas store said R.J. Franco and his friend David Ortega entered BarFly on Montwood and George Dieter about seven to eight minutes after Moises Galvan. The detective stated he believed the proximity in time of the two groups’ entrance was purely coincidental. 

Galvan is later seen exiting BarFly with Franco and others behind him. The video clearly shows a flash, which prosecutors allege came from Galvan’s hands, but his defense team has argued that the video is grainy and does not accurately represent distinct features of individuals involved.

Trial testimony also revealed that El Paso detectives never obtained surveillance from inside BarFly on the night of the shooting. Affidavits from the night of the shooting indicate that a fight broke out between Franco and Galvan inside of the bar before it spilled outside.

When asked why police failed to obtain footage, the detective stated that he’d contacted TABC but did not ever receive the video. Galvan’s defense attorneys attempted to paint the bar’s owners as “deceptive” during cross-examination. 

Galvan’s defense attorneys also attempted to cast doubt on Franco during a line of questioning regarding drugs found on him after the shooting. According to court testimony, Franco was found with seven grams of cocaine inside a dollar bill tucked into his phone case. Detectives on the stand said they “assumed” it was for Franco’s “personal use.”

As KTSM has previously reported, Galvan is accused of running from the scene but was caught by off-duty El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputies and a Constable who was working security at the bar. 

The trial resumes in the 168th District Court Tuesday morning. 

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