Barfly shooting trial day 3: Suspect’s friend takes the stand


Testimony continued on Tuesday in the day three in the trial for Moises Galvan, the man accused of shooting Rogelio “RJ Franco” to death in 2017. 

Roman Solano, an Army medic and friend of Galvan, took the stand Tuesday afternoon. He says he was at Barfly at the time of the incident, but claims he did not see who fired the shots.

Solano testified that he and Galvan smoked weed together that evening before going out. He said they tried to go to Tortugas, but Moises couldn’t get into the bar since he was only 19 years old at the time.

The group, which also included another man and woman, then decided to go to Barfly, he said.

Solano later testified that he saw Galvan arguing with Franco inside the East El Paso bar, adding that he yelled derogatory terms at the victim.

According to his testimony, Franco then flipped a cigarette at Galvan, which hit him in the torso area.

The soldier said it was an “unspoken agreement” that the men were going to fight. He added that Moises later walked out of the bar followed by himself, Franco, and David Ortega, who was also shot that night.

Solano continued to testify, saying he then heard gunshots and tried to run away instead of counting them.

He said he saw Ortega and another man running before he went back into the bar to try to get away. “I was just scared,” he said.

Solano told prosecutors that he used to work out with Galvan at EP Fitness, and says he never feared Franco.

The defense then had their turn with Solano and began by establishing his sobriety.

Solano said he had about 10 drinks that night, and, according to his statement, was so drunk that “it was blurry.”

He later testified that Galvan started the argument with Franco, and that he heard the defendant call him a “son of a b—-.”

Solano later told the defense that he did “not completely” remember the exact details from that night. The defense argued that the film, at times, contradicted Solano’s recollection. 

Galvan is charged with murder and assault with a deadly weapon. 

Stay with for more details as the trial unfolds.

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