Swedish scientists discover nanobody from Alpaca that could neutralize COVID-19 virus


(CNN) – The hero in the fight against the novel-coronavirus could be an Alpaca named Tyson.

Researchers say the Alpaca has been instrumental in the discovery of a tiny particle that can neutralize the virus.

Alpacas don’t get sick as humans do from COVID-19, but the animals do produce nanobodies that act as antibodies when confronted with an infection.

Swedish scientists discovered one nanobody generated by Tyson in response to COVID-19 that has the potential to be used for treatment.

Researchers said the nanobody appeared to quickly and efficiently neutralize the virus.

Scientists named the nanobody TY1 in honor of Tyson’s contribution.

Testing will now begin to see if it is viable to be used in anti-viral treatments for COVID-19.

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