Second suspected case of Coronavirus reported in Juarez


JUAREZ, Mex. (KTSM) — Chihuahua Health Department Officials are waiting for test results from a patient who is suspected to have contracted the COVID-19 Coronavirus during a recent trip to Europe.

The patient is the second suspected case in Juarez. Both patients have been tested and local officials are awaiting results from Mexico City. The man, who is being treated in a private hospital, arrived for treatment of respiratory complications, according to Arturo Valenzuela Zorrilla, Director of Northern Chihuahua Health Department.

As of Sunday, there have been no confirmed cases in Juarez or Northern Mexico.

Earlier this week in Chihuahua City, the Director of the Health Department said they are prepared if any case is confirmed in the state of Chihuahua. They have at least 4,000 hospital beds ready to treat patients.

Maquiladoras Struggling

The Coronavirus is also beginning to cause production problems in at least three Juarez maquiladoras. The factories rely on materials shipped from China to complete the work in the maquiladoras.

Industry officials say they’re looking for companies in Chihuahua that would be able to provide supply materials so they companies can resume production lines.

Companies currently being affected include Foxconn and BRK according to Pedro Chavira, head of the Juarez Index that coordinates the local maquiladora industry. These companies manufacture computers and mobile phones for major companies.

Catholic Diocese of Juarez Issues Guidance

The Catholic Diocese of Juarez has advised priests and parishioners to stop greeting each other by handshake or hugs during church mass as a way to avoid spreading the Coronavirus by contact within their parishes.

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