San Elizario Veteran’s Committee honors fallen sheriff’s deputy Peter Herrera


SAN ELIZARIO, Texas (KTSM)- The San Elizario Veteran’s Committee honored the fallen El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Peter Herrera Saturday by adding his name and badge number to a brick as part of the Memorial Brick Walk.

The Memorial Brick Walk honors active and retired military and law enforcement. The committee wanted to give back to the Herrera family and honor one of their own.

“The veterans from San Elizario and the town of San Elizario, the people of San Elizario, we care and we want to honor veterans and law enforcement people especially deputy Peter Herrera,” Ray Borrego, Chairperson of the San Elizario Veteran’s Committee, said.

The committee covered the cost of the brick and invited law enforcement members as well as friends and family of deputy Herrera.

” We were really close almost like brothers, I never had a brother so he was almost like a brother to me,” Andrew Alarcon said. “He will never be forgotten his memory is always going to live on.”

Deputy Herrera’s brick joins more than 500 other bricks in the walk dedicated to veterans.

“I’m sorry that I’m here having to say that his end of watch was 3-24-2019 but I’m at peace because he was a glorious son,” Herrera’s mother Esther Hijar Herrera said.

Deputy Herrera was an 11-year veteran of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, serving the San Elizario.

“Whether it be a big event or small event they’re honoring my son who was an awesome son,” Hijar Herrera said.

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