Rescue Mission of El Paso plans for new restaurant to help fight homelessness


The Rescue Mission of El Paso said the number of homeless in El Paso is dropping.

The rescue mission and others are talking about ways to get homeless people off the streets.

Officials said getting the homeless a stable job before a home is important to not only help them get off the streets but stay off.

The shelter features different wings for different types of homeless people one for single men, another for single women, and another for families.

The Rescue Mission of El Paso has been serving the area for decades.

Since the influx of migrants to the Borderland, a few hundred migrants have come through this shelter. The rescue mission said most have not stayed more than 24 hours.

The migrants have needed places to stay while they make arrangements to travel around the country to their loved ones while they await their immigration hearings.

The shelter said donations are always appreciated because the shelter is not funded by the government.

“We’re doing about 400 meals every day 365 days a year yet our budget for food is about $24,000 a year and it’s like wow how do you do that will because the rest of it is all donated food,” said Blake Barrow. He is the chief executive officer at the Rescue Mission of El Paso.

The rescue mission already manages a catering business, now it is planning on opening a barbecue restaurant to give the homeless work experience and a shopping center a block away from the shelter to help raise money.

The rescue mission is looking for donations and volunteers. Click here for more details.

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