Local Girls Rock Camp honors late El Paso woman


Music and empowerment was a message Esmeralda Barrera spread across her community even after her tragic death. 

In 2012, Esmeralda Barrera was murdered at her home while attending the University of Texas at Austin. 

In her honor, family and friends are working to create a path of empowerment for young women in the Borderland by helping to start a local Girls Rock Camp.

The camp aims at providing a path for young women to find hidden talents. 

“It focuses on folks that don’t usually have access to that kind of thing, music is a really expensive hobby to get into,” Former Director of Girls Rock Austin, Erica Flores tells KTSM. 

Creating a lasting impact in the music community, Barrera participated in the Girls Rock Camp in Austin. 

“She really found her footing there and she excelled and she loved it and one week out of the summer she gave her all to these girls,” Esmeralda’s sister, Marlo Barrera, said.

They hope to open the camp sprouts the next generation of local talent to have an influence like the one Esmeralda still brings with her legacy.

“So I’d like to imagine that somewhere out there there’s a little Esme-persona that would really benefit from having something like this there. I think there’s a lot of kids out there that are looking for something like this and I just hope we are providing this space,” Marlene said.

The Girls Rock Camp plans to be opened this summer. Click HERE to contribute to the campaign’s GoFundMe page.

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