EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The holidays are a time of giving and with many struggling due to COVID-19, there are various donation drives underway to make sure everyone gets the Christmas they deserve.

One of those initiatives is giving a special gift to residents at Nazareth Living Center and El Paso Health and Rehab. From the elderly to children, organizers said they want to give joy this holiday season.

“It’s a sad thing, you know,” El Pasoan Veronica Lespron said. “They may not be trying to survive COVID, but they’re trying to survive their loneliness and their sadness of not being able to be with loved ones.”

Lespron is an independent consultant with Scentsy and is giving back to residents at a couple of nursing homes with fragrance flowers. “These are actually fragrance flowers that they can have and I thought it’d be something cute they can have for the holidays. Something they can unwrap because they do come in boxes like this and hopefully it just brings a smile to them and brightens their day.”

Lespron said her goal is to give 200 residents a fragrance flower this holiday season through donations.

Another big initiative is Toys for Tots. Hunt Military Communities supports the Marine Corps and its annual Toys for Tots drive. This year, a virtual toy box is set to make the process of giving more safe.

“We’re finding more and more of our residents and employees just feel a little bit more comfortable purchasing online and sending them directly to Toys for Tots and not having to worry about COVID or getting ill or passing something along,” Lynette Hegeman, National Marketing Director for Hunt Military Communities, said.

While pursuing acts of kindness, Lespron said her son is helping through community service hours, but still wants to set a good example for him and her daughter as well.

“That’s the example I wanted to give him and my daughter, even though she’s not needing community service hours, but she’s definitely going to help with the cards,” Lespron said.

Both initiatives said it’s all to look out and give back to those in need.

“This year it would be nice if everybody can just come together and recognize there’s a lot of people in need and a lot of times people are afraid to ask for help,” Hegeman said. “So just being generous and kind, I think that’s what it’s about this holiday season.”

Lespron added if students need community service hours they can help by making cards and she will gladly take them in hopes it helps with service hours

If you’d like to donate fragrance flowers to the elderly, you can contact Lespron via Facebook or by phone (915) 760-1177. For more information about Scentsy, click here.

The cost for one is $16. The cost for three is for $45

To support the local Toys for Tots Drive, click here.

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