EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Calling all bookworms!

The Kern Place neighborhood unveiled its new “Little Free Library” located on the 2600 block of Kansas.

The library is built inside a hollowed-out old tree and aims to encourage kids to exchange their favorite books with the rest of the community.

The Little Free Library is part of an international non-profit organization promoting literacy.

Their motto, “Take a book, share a book,” encourages children to drop off a book as they pick a new one up.

The idea for the Little Free Library on Kansas Street came from a family who noticed their elm tree in the sidewalk was rotting.

“Rather than cut it down, we decided to get the tree-trimmer to hollow it out and make a Little Free Library out of it,” homeowner Anne Giangiulio said.

This is the 89,055 Little Free Library to have been installed. There are dozens of them scattered across the borderland.