Hyundai Sun Bowl teams take interactive tour of Fort Bliss

It’s been a week of non-stop Borderland hospitality for the Hyundai Sun Bowl teams, the University of Pittsburgh and Stanford University. A big part of that included Fort Bliss.
“I’ve always had a respect for our military but just a new found respect seeing all the work, time and effort that they put in to protect us and for the people of our country. It’s amazing,” Jake Cortes with Pitt said.
Taking some time off the football field, the football players for both teams got to spend time with those in uniform fighting for our country.
“To be able to come here and be able to experience the Mecca for brotherhood in terms of military and the bond that has to occur to be a unit, it’s cool for us to be here and experience that with each other,” Foster Sarell with Stanford shared.
Players got to take tours on post, as well as an interactive experience by taking a look inside military training simulators, and takes used on the battlefield. 
“I got a chance to go outside and actually sit in the tank and put a helmet on. That was amazing, I felt like I was actually out there even though I know it’s nothing like being out there,” Rimoni Dorsey with Pitt said. 
“This has been super cool. I tried to sit in the drivers seat, I did not fit so. If you’re over 6 feet and 300 pounds, you’re not going to fit in the seat,” Sarell said.
While breaking new barriers, these teammates told KTSM they also built memories to take back home with them.
“It brings us all closer and allows us to expand our mindset, our view of the world, and just have something special we’ll remember for the rest of our lives,” Dennis Briggs with Pitt shared.
Many players told KTSM it was their first time having an experience like this and now have a better understanding of what kind of work military members do on their field.

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