Often times, finding someone to go hiking with can be a challenge, so one local animal shelter has come up with a way to find you a hiking buddy while also giving back to a good cause.
“Hike with a Shelter Dog” is an experience you can find on Airbnb. It lets you rent a dog from the Humane Society of El Paso for $20 and share a guided hike with them at McKellingon Canyon.
“Getting these dogs outside is just so fundamental to their phsiycal and mental health,” Enrichment Coordinator Kim Lambert shared, “The shelter is always going to be a stressful place no matter how much care we take for these dogs, getting them outside and meeting people is going to be the best part for them.”

It also provides out of town visitors with more than just options of where to stay but what to do while El Paso.
“They get to kind of rent one of our dogs, get a guided hike through McKellingon, and have a wonderful time out there,” Lambert said. “It’s just a really nice way to get the dogs out for enrichment and get people involved in our community even if they’re just visiting.”
The shelter told KTSM it’s a great opportunity for these dogs to find a “furever” home.
“A lot of times we send them with little adopt me bandanas. So people who meet these dogs out on the hike start asking us questions about it and come back to the shelter to adopt the dog. So that’s really exciting when someone is like ‘I saw this dog on a hike and I really liked him,’ so now they take them home and take them for hikes,” Lambert shared.
The experience builds memories for many and gives back.at the same time.
“It’s not just $20 that you’re spending on movie tickets and you’ll never see again, it actually comes back into the community. It goes back to taking care of these dogs,” Lambert said.
For more information or if you’re interested in booking a hike with a shelter dog, you can check out the availability here.