Fourth of July: Safety tips and important reminders


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) It’s about that time to light up the grill for the 4th of July but while many may be enjoying the day off of work grilling or setting off fireworks, KTSM wants to remind you how to stay safe.

A local fireworks shop manager, Jose Garcia at Diablo Fireworks, said there are a few things to remember when using fireworks.

“Always buy from a reliable source, use adult supervision, follow labels and instructions, keep away from shrubbery areas, don’t point the fireworks at anyone, always be safe and have water handy as well,” Garcia said.

Remember, it is illegal to set off fireworks within the city, but you can do it out in the county. The El Paso Fire Department, however, urges you to leave it to the professionals.

“So the first tip for everyone that we have is do not use fireworks it’s a lot better to just go to any of these shows in the city, Chihuahua’s stadium and Ascarate Park, they are a lot safer,” Enrique Aguilar, the EPFD spokesperson said.

Aguilar said every year people end up in the hospital from handling the fireworks with their hands.

“A lot of times these fireworks happen to explode in your hands so that can cause major injuries, you can lose a limb, it’s very dangerous to handle with your hands,” Aguilar said.

EPFD also warning you can set fires if you don’t handle the fireworks properly, urging users to keep a bucket of water close by.

“Besides being dangerous for you its dangerous for everyone around you can accidentally set a fire, brush fires tend to happen this time of year, fireworks just make it more prone to happen,” Aguilar said.

Medical professionals also advise parents to keep a close eye on your little ones during the celebrations.

“Make sure kids are not using fireworks and that they are always supervised because we do get a lot of children with injuries actually they’re number one that we see here,” a Del Sol medical emergency physician, Carmen Roman, said.

Roman said the ER is always busy on the 4th of July with people who injure themselves setting off fireworks. She advises parents do not let children use them.

And of course with pool parties and barbeques, Roman urges you to use sunscreen outdoors. She said to use SPF 30 or more, apply at least 30 minutes before heading outdoors and reapply

“Sunburns are treated differently depending on the severity we have 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree burns so I don’t recommend you treat it yourself, definitely come into the ER for evaluation,” Roman said.

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