Music Under the Stars event scales down, but plans to keep up attendance

Increased federal budget cuts are limiting a long-time summer concert series this year by cutting down on performances and larger crowds.
Music Under the Stars looks to only have four dates this June, but the Museum of Cultural Affairs Department with the City (MCAD) said it’s an opportunity to spotlight local artists.
“This is going to be the 36th year of Music Under the Stars so like you say it’s a huge summer tradition,” Ismael Acosta, Marketing and Production Coordinator with MCAD said.
Many El Pasoans share memories of enjoying their summer nights at Music Under the Stars. Last year, however, the National Park Service advised MCAD that due to federal budget restrictions, the event needs to scale down on performances and dates which may slow down foot traffic.
“It’s quite difficult to pinpoint an exact number of attendees and festival goers,” Acosta explained, “But we do have a system with clickers. So every hour we have clickers go out and click how many people we have at different areas at the park.”
The longtime outdoor event invites families to come out and enjoy only four dates this June which plan to all feature local artists but that’s not all.
“I know a lot of the questions have always been beer and alcohol. Alcohol is allowed in the park but it’s alcohol sales at the park. So people cannot bring their own alcoholic beverages but they can purchase alcohol beverages there,” Acosta shared.
Although the summer concert series expects fewer days this year, MCAD said it’s still an experience you should take advantage of, “It’s free, you know a lot of El Pasoans sometimes don’t take advantage of all of the free quality of life entertainment that we bring to the city so I mean it’s a great environment for all of the family.”
The event will be kicking off its first concert on June 9th. The lineup has yet to be released.

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