EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – With triple-digit temperatures lingering in our forecast, some volunteers teamed up with a local restaurant to spread some smiles to some of those who need it the most.

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Photo: Jose Elijah Molinar

Outreach organization Operation 2540 and El Texano Mexican Restaurant gathered to distribute nearly 200 water bottles and dozens of fruit salads to the city’s homeless community.

“It’s thrilling,” the group’s leader, Jose Elijah Molinar, told KTSM. “I can’t believe what it feels like to stand there in front of them. There are times where I’ve just stood in silence, taking it all in, unable to say anything.”

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Photo: Jose Elijah Molinar

It all happened after Molinar posted the idea on Facebook back in May, calling on the community to help join the cause.

“We figure triple-digit heat is extremely hot for those of us with shelter,” Molinar wrote in the post. “(I) can’t imagine what it’s like for the less fortunate on the street.”

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Several El Pasoans jumped at the chance to help, along with the owners of the locally-owned restaurant.

“The three ‘El Texano Restaurants’…would like to provide you with all of the fruit and supplies that you need for this event,” the restauranteurs wrote in the comments. “It’s great the work that you do, and we would love to be part of it!!!”

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Photo: Jose Elijah Molinar
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Photo: Jose Elijah Molinar

Molinar says he hopes to organize one more water and fruit drive in the coming months, and plans to host toy drives for young orphans.

He says the organization is looking for funding to make it all possible. “No matter how small or big a contribution, anything is helpful and it will be put to use,” Molinar said.

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Photo: Jose Elijah Molinar

Anyone interested in helping the group carry out more outreach drives can visit its Facebook page or contact Jose Elijah Molinar at 915-316-5870 or jemolinar921@gmail.com.