El Paso teenagers kick start own sneaker shop


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Two local teenagers are proving that age is nothing but a number after they kicked off their own successful sneaker store.

Jamie and Drew Frank opened the pop-up shop, Kickpin, at the Shoppes on Mesa two and a half years ago.

“When we first opened, I was 13 years old and Jamie was 12 years old,” Drew explained. “We supply rare sneakers and rare clothing to the people of El Paso.”

The owners say their family inspired them to open the West El Paso store.

“Our grandfather was an entrepreneur when he was around our age and he started his own business when he was a teenager too, so he really inspired us to start our own business,” Drew said.

The brothers said the journey was long, but well worth it.

“We slowly started getting into the reselling game and we started selling a lot of pairs before we opened Kickpin and we just gathered enough inventory to open a store,” Jamie explained.

The duo’s brand eventually made its way from El Paso to Hollywood.

“We’ve sold to a lot of different rappers,”  Drew said. “Sometimes they come to the store, sometimes they invite us to their shows in different cities and we’ll bring them sneakers.”

“Meeting with different celebrities really helps grow the business because they’ll either give us a shoutout on their Instagram or just help promote the brand,” Jamie said.

The owners say they’ve received a positive response from the local community.

“It makes them really happy that they can get exclusive sneakers in El Paso where the market isn’t as big as somewhere in L.A. or New York,” Drew said.

Kickpin hosts its pop-ups once every month. The teenagers are welcoming the community to attend the last sale until August, as the pair will be away for summer vacation.

“Many people don’t expect two kids to own a business, so the city of El Paso has really been supportive of us,” Jamie said.

Anyone interested in Kickpin can visit the shop located at 5860 N. Mesa or visit its website.

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