EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Some El Pasoans say they have mixed feelings after watching the first presidential debate.

One non-profit organization is reminding voters, especially youth, to get informed and practice their right to vote.

WE(fillintheblank) is a non-partisan student-run organization that aims motivate youth to be engaged in politics, but mostly be educated on choosing a candidate they’re thinking of voting for.

“One of the questions we have to ask ourselves from last night’s debate is ‘What did we learn?’ Did we the voters learn about the candidates standings or how they’re going to get their policies accomplished? No we didn’t. It was more of just soundbites, arguments, and I don’t think that really allows for an informed vote,” Victor Meza, Youth Director of WE(fillintheblank) shared.

Members of WE(fillintheblank), a non-profit group run by high-schoolers, said they feel the first presidential debate was only scratching the surface on both sides.

“They were just arguing on the facts that were over what President Trump has done in the past and what has Biden done in the past, instead of proposing what to do now. So I think the format was not allowing that to come across with policies just for the simple fact that during open discussion there was interruptions from both parties,” Adriel Bustillos, Director of BORDERiZE and member of WE(fillintheblank) said.

The student-run organization hosts local political debates and forums. Members said voters should be keeping themselves informed and educated before they cast their ballot.

“If these debates do not provide a true answer, I recommend people going out to research under ages. Going out to research in general where these politicians stand,” Bustillos said.

While keeping engaged in this year’s election, the message for youth to get involved keeps growing.

“Not just telling young people to vote, but also telling them ‘Here’s a cool thing you can do’ and it’ll help the community at large understand the need to vote. I think that’s really useful in getting young people motivated and excited,” Meza shared.

The student organization will be hosting a virtual debate for the 29th District State Senate with candidates Cesar Blanco and Elizabeth Hatch tomorrow at 6:30 p.m.

You can watch the debate on the organization’s YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @wefillintheblank.