EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A local husband and wife team is using their arts and crafts skills in the best way possible to create stylish jewelry that’s “made for you.”

Owners Nohely Canon and Noe Venegas started their business “Made for You,” which sells handmade, clay earrings, along with more chic accessories.

Canon started learning how to make earrings three years ago by watching videos on YouTube and then decided to start creating her own.

“I started because I was allergic, and I wanted something for me because (jewelry makers) always use gold or silver. So I decided to make my own earrings and so I started sewing with Shakira fabric and Miyuki satin,” said Canon. “Then I saw some YouTube videos that called to my attention and that’s when I found out that I love this and I’m going to do it.”

Canon’s husband said he would help her buy the accessories and materials needed to help create and offer a wider variety of jewelry, as the business started picking up more clients at farmers’ markets in Ciudad Juárez and El Paso.

“As soon as I would get home, I got everything ready so we could go to the markets in Juárez, and the next day we would come here to El Paso for another market. It was a lot of work,” Venegas shared. “The market helped us a lot to know more people, local people. People from other states and other countries. They love our work because it’s way different than what you’re used to seeing at the stores.”

Canon said that the inspiration for the style of her handmade jewelry, including a variety of colors and unique shapes — from sunflowers to cactus and butterfly-inspired designs — reflects who she is and how she’s feeling that day.

“I’m a very creative person — I like different and special things. Something that reflects me. I think all my styles represent who I am day-to-day. If one day I want to be leaves, I create them. It’s how I feel almost all the time,” she said. “I like what reflects me, I don’t know. A good outfit, my personality overall, to look good. Because I believe people are very beautiful and all they need is that right color to make it personally pop.”

The couple said the goal is to continue reaching more customers on a wider scale by opening stores in the future in El Paso and in Mexico.

“Right now, we’re able to live from this. We’re always looking for ways to do what we do better and grow to reach more people. We are getting a lot of support from dear clients every week,” Venegas said.

While continuing to explore new ways of creating stylish accessories, Canon encourages others to never hold back on doing what you love.

“The most important thing is to believe in yourself, in what you can do and what you want to do. That’s very important. Do what you love to do. To me, doing this, it’s not a job. It’s something that I enjoy a lot and I love it.”

For a look at the earrings and accessories created by Made for You, check out their Instagram @oficial_madeforyou. You can also visit their Facebook page and website to place any online orders.

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