Demolition of Duranguito halted for at least three more day


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The temporary restraining order keeping the City of El Paso from starting demolition of Duranguito has been extended for three more days. The discussion continues of what should be done regarding the possibility of Apache artifacts in the area.

On Monday, El Paso Preservationist Max Grossman continued his battle against the City to stop the demolition of Duranguito. He says a book by Mark Santiago, A Bad Peace and a Good war: Spain and the Mescalero Apache Uprising of 1795-1799, shows the possibility of Apache artifacts in the area where the arena is expected to be built. He’s now asking the research design done by the company hired by the City, Moore Archeology Consultants, to be modified.

Max Grossman Local Preservationist

“It is critically important we have the opportunity to learn about an Apache peace camp. If this area was destroyed or erased for building an arena, history would be lost forever,” Grossman said.

The Texas Historical Commission asked Moore Archaeology to familiarize themselves with the book. They say they have done so saying quote: “We discussed what we will do if there are historical findings on the site,” Douglas G Mangum an Archeologist for Moore archeology said.

However, another witness, UTEP Anthropology professor David Carmichael, said finding any artifacts will be difficult.

Dr. David Carmichael UTEP Professor of Anthropology

The City of El Paso says that any demolition of Duranguito would not go deep enough to disturb any artifacts that may be there, however professor Carmichael said archaeologists would have to be careful not to miss any.

The arguments concluded Monday with no resolution. Discussions will continue Tuesday at 2 p.m.

The City of El Paso concluded by saying no demolition would begin on Duranguito even though the original temporary restraining order expired at 8:30 on Monday morning. Grossman’s attorneys asked for an extension to be sure no demolition happened before a decision was made. Judge Patrick Garcia granted that request extending it for three more days as they finish with the hearing.

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