You might’ve seen a tricycle riding through the streets of Downtown El Paso.

The brew being served to its customer shows that Café con Leche mixes the Borderland’s culture with some modern-day coffee. 

The business is a mobile coffee stand built on a tricycle. The idea came from the experiences of co-owner Julio Mena.

“My first job was with Starbucks. I ended up liking it so I always saw myself opening up a coffee shop down the road,” he told KTSM.

Biking down the road, he pours up Cold Brew Nitro, cold coffee charged with nitrogen creating a rich, creamy texture like draft beer. 

The idea to set it up on a tricycle came from traditions south of the border.

“I’m pretty sure a lot of people in the Borderland familiar with Juarez see those all over the place with all sorts of things,” Mena said. “From elote to ice cream, I got the bike over there and just basically built the casing for it.”

They want their homemade recipe to be the identity of their project.

“I implemented the café de oyá aspect of it because I think a lot of people in the region are familiar with café de oyá like at your grandma’s house,” he said. “It’s to connect to where I’m from and hopefully people can gravitate towards that.”

Mena said the next step for Café con Leche is for local bars and restaurants to carry its coffee.