Behind the stables: An inside look at Sunland Park Racetrack


Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino is celebrating 60 years.

KTSM got an exclusive inside look of the Sunland Park Racetrack stables to see how trainers keep their horses in top racing condition.

Trainers at the track take pride in keeping their horses in tip top condition. Every morning, the horses get fed around 4:30 a.m. then go to the track for exercise around 6 a.m. 

With the changing weather conditions this time of year, the horses have to be cooled down after exercise, just like any athlete. 

“When they’ve had exercise and a little bit of stress, you want to let them get all that heat out of them and cool down,” says trainer Todd Fincher. 

To help with the cooling down process, they use blankets equivalent to an athlete putting on sweats after a workout.

“They go to the paddock with this on and we take it off after we saddle them and ten after the race we put it back on. Its just a lot lighter blanket,” says Clay Sparks an assistant trainer for Joe Marr Racing Stables. 

They use heavier blankets at night to keep them warm and give the horses sponge baths after races rather than a regular bath so they don’t get a chill. The horses well being is always a top priority for Fincher and Sparks. 

Racing season starts next week so you can head out to the Sunland Park Racetrack and see these racehorses in action!

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