When it comes to our health, sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make a life of difference.

The thyroid, a tiny gland found in the neck area, became the source of a big change for El Paso woman Lisa Moralez.

“That little gland sends hormones through your blood, to your tissues, it controls your metabolism, energy levels, your skin your hair your lungs, your eyes,” Moralez explains.

After noticing some unusual symptoms, Moralez decided to pay a visit to a specialist.

“I had been feeling really dizzy and had congestion,” she said. 

After lots of waiting, the doctor came back with a life-altering diagnosis.

“The doctor came in, sat me down and said, ‘You have the good cancer’,” Moralez recalled. “That was very confusing because I thought, ‘it’s cancer, there’s no such thing as good cancer.'”

Day by day, she fought for her life, eventually claiming victory in the battle against thyroid cancer.

“I thought, ‘okay you can do this. You’re a fighter, you’ll get through this,'” she said.

Now cancer-free 10 years later, her new new normal: helping others.

“My goal is to raise awareness to this cancer,” Moralez said, “and it is not the ‘good cancer’. Cancer is cancer, period.”

Join KTSM for this year’s Colors of Cancer 5k, hosted by the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation, on April 7 at Sue Young Park.