Spike the Poodle returns from incredible year-long journey

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Spike the Poodle is finally sleeping in his home after he went missing from his family in El Paso more than a year ago.

Spike’s incredible journey began last year, on July 4, 2018, when the pint-sized pooch ran away during fireworks.

Saturday was a day the Terrazas family thought would never come.

“I was happy and I didn’t know he was coming back, I almost cried,” Terry Terrazas told us.

The nine-year-old poodle wandered a long way from his El Paso home to Stockton, California — more than 11,000 miles away — where a vet discovered Spike wasn’t a local stray.

“We had a person who found him as a stray out on the street, and they brought him to us,” Dr. Lisa Boyer, a veterinarian in Stockton, California explained to local affiliate KRCA.

After months of searching for Spike with no luck, the Terrazas family got a phone call and the shock of a lifetime.

“They said that they found Spike and I asked if they were sure, they said they scanned the microchip and that was it,” Reina Terrazas said.

The next step was to get Spike back to El Paso. That’s where a volunteer rescue pilot stepped in to help.

“I picked him up last week Saturday in Stockton, he stayed with me for a week, he was really scared on the first plane last week, this flight today he was not scared at all,” Julian Javor, volunteer pilot with RSQ209 in California explained.

So Saturday, Spike stepped off the private plane and saw his family for the first time in a year.

“I didn’t know If I wanted to cry or laugh I don’t know what I wanted to do,” Reina Terrazas said.

As for how Spike ended up in California — we may never know.

“So somebody picked him up and took him so who knows where he’s been! He’s probably been to Las Vegas, Disneyworld, he’s probably been to a whole bunch of places that we don’t know,” mused Reina Terrazas.

Pet owners and veterinarians alike urge others to get their pets microchipped. Because of that tiny chip implanted on Spike, the Terrazas family would have never seen Spike again.

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