El Paso Animal Services closer to 2020 no-kill goal

Clear the Shelters

El Paso Animal Services edges closer to its 90 percent no-kill goal by 2020, but facility workers say this next year will require a lot of work to meet that goal. 

According to Paula Powell, Director of Animal Services, the facility reported a calendar year of 84.45 percent live-release rate, saying it is ahead of schedule to meet the 2020 deadline, which the community can help with. 

“The biggest thing for the community to help us, is to decrease the amount of pets that come in each year is one of the major goals to reach that 90% and in order to do that we ask the community to make sure your microchip is up to date,” Powell said.

Animal Services Veterinarian Alana Canupp says the community can help its efforts by making sure their pets are up to date on vaccines and microchip identification. 

“When we scan them we see a lot of animals that don’t have a microchip so the animal having an ID tag on them as well as a microchip really helps us get your animal back to you,” Canupp said. 

According to Powell, Animal Services received more than 27,000 pets last year and takes in 50-100 on average daily. Powell also says there are currently 500 pets in Animal Services facilities.

Animal trainer and Enrichment Coordinator Maryem Martinez says Animal Services has come a long way since 2013.

“It’s a 180-degree change, they did not have multiple feeding times, nobody took them out, they just died on day three or day six,” Martinez said. “There was a purebred Doberman he was beautiful, I remember him thinking he’s fine somebody’s going to adopt him and I came back and he was euthanized, it didn’t matter his time was up and there he went.”

Animal Services says it is always in need of volunteers and donations and you can find that information here.

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